back to the theatre

Well it is my 3rd night back home, and I am still jet lagged. Thanks to Wanda & Doris I was booked in to see some theatre. The MTC production of David Mamet’s play “Boston Marriage”. I was a little worried that I would not stay awake with the lag, but with Mr Mamet’s sharp snappy dialogue, and lots of laughs, not to mention seeing a trio of actors having a ball, I lasted the distance.

The play is set in the drawing room of a New England house where anxious Anna awaits the arrival of her friend and lover  Claire, attended to by a young Scottish maid. Anna has recently become mistress to a wealthy man who provides for her. Claire has become infatuated with a young girl. A battle of wits and powerplay occurs. Bitter barbs fly everywhere, all to hilarious effect.

Brought to life by it’s wonderful performers, Pamela Rabe (Anna), Margaret Mills (Claire) & Sarah Gleeson (maid), deftly directed by Aidan Fennessey  and excellent set & costume design by Christina Smith. It was an utter delight. I am a big fan of Mamet, and this change of pace (the protagonists are female this time around), was a real treat. The curtain call was a hoot as well.

After my marathon theatre fest in NYC it was a good to see a  homespun production that didn’t disappoint.

A Boston Marriage according to Wikipedia

Origins of the term

It seems that the term Boston marriage came into use after Henry James‘s book The Bostonians (1886) detailed a marriage-like relationship between two “New Women“. The term Boston marriage was used in New England in the late 19th century to describe a long-term monogamous relationship between two unmarried women. Some women did not marry because men feared educated women during the 19th century and did not wish to have them as wives. Other women did not marry because they felt they had a better connection to women than to men. Some of these women ended up living together in a same-sex household, finding this arrangement both practical and preferable to a heterosexual marriage. Of necessity, such women were generally financially independent of men, due either to family inheritance or to their own career earnings. Women who decided to be in these relationships were usually feminists, and were often involved in social betterment and cultural causes. with shared values often forming a strong foundation for their lives together.

The original production back in 1999 starred Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives), in the role of Anna

When I was in Spain a couple of years ago there was a local production playing.


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2 responses to “back to the theatre

  1. doris

    and, thankfully, NO standing ovation- just enthusiastic and well deserved applause….!

  2. Wanda

    Wanda was quite transported… Such a fiendishly clever piece in a really first rate production.

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