the top 10 list

I thought it would be appropriate to compile a list of the highlights of my trip for my final Babsgadsabout post. Not in particular order.

1. FRIENDS (NEW & OLD). Such great hospitality from Joan & Dominique, they saved me from one too many standing ovations, let me use their museum cards, gave me tips, fed me, and were just damn good company too. Meeting Michael Nassar who was great company, unfortunately his operation meant we couldn’t spend much time together. Catching up with Chris Doyle, my artist mate, his tour of Williamsburg and Chelsea was fun. Catching up with Jodie & Grieg in Venice was such a nice break from LaLawood. Meeting fellow Aussie traveller Bas, he accompanied me to the Getty & Magic Mountain, was great company. Catching up after many years with the gorgeous Gwendolyn, without her advice and culinary guidance  woulda been lost.

2. LACMA – A great art gallery, certainly my fave in LA. Seeing JEFF KOONS art always amazes me.


4. KATIE FINNERAN. Her scene stealing 15 minutes in “Promises, Promises”, was so funny and brilliant. She won the Tony for it and you can see why. I haven’t laughed so much and marvelled at a performance like hers for years.

5. THE HIGH LINE. The amazing park on an old railway line through Chelsea was so cleverly designed and beautifully landscaped. It’s attention to detail was superb.

6. THE METROPOLITAN ART GALLERY. The Egyptian collection is extraordinary. You are all invited to my lottery winning party at the temple.

7. THE GETTY CENTRE. For it’s truly wonderful architecture and garden. Breathtaking

8. ROAST LAMB & RATATOUILLE. The best meal I had, in a restaurant in Glendale LA,  called Canele. It was as if it was cooked at home.

9. NEW YORK CITY STREETS & ARCHITECTURE. Just wandering everywhere in NYC, always something to look at and some amazing architecture.

10.  LOS ANGELES. For it’s weird and wacky architecture, it’s tackiness, it’s theme parks. It also has some remarkable art galleries.

Celebrity spotting – well there was not too much on this trip. Sitting next to Bill Irwin at “Red”. The papparazzi chasing some Twilight actress. And on my last afternoon Gwendolyn spotted Billy Crudup walking his dog with his little son (who’s mother is Mary Louise Parker), Billy is a bit of a spunk.

So farewell to Babsgadsabout, we had a blast.




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5 responses to “the top 10 list

  1. doris

    Boo Hoo, we will miss Babs! Keep em coming please!!

    Are you the ‘fragile prop’ referred to on the sign in the photo?

  2. Scheppo

    You can’t put “L.A.” and “N.Y.” om your top 10 list. That’s cheating!! You didn’t go anywhere else!!!

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