a theme park send off

I am back home now, enough gadabouting in the USA. Time to get back to reality. Boy what a great trip I had.

On my last day I went to Magic Mountain theme park, one hour out of LA in Valencia. It was a hot day, which was good, but I had a bit of sunburn from my day at Venice beach. My fellow Aussie, Bas, came along with me. We bought the queue jump pass so it was straight onto the rides. There were so many rollercoasters it was ridiculous. Some you were standing, some you were sitting, some old fashioned, some super fast with twists and loops. Was a great deal of fun. Here are some pics.

Bas jumps for joy with Collossus in the background

About to head down the river on the Log jammer, a calm civilized  ride, much appreciated after the big thrill rides.

The Terminator Salvation ride, super fast wooden coaster, very scary.

Bas and I, on some Rapids ride

This was my favorite ride, very scary, you sort of lay forward and hang in the air, it was called Tetsu

So ending the LA leg of my trip did seem appropriate to be at a theme park.

And for one of my last meals, Gwendolyn took me to a fantastic Italian restaurant, the food was delicious. Thank god Gwendolyn came to my rescue regarding food in LA. Had some good meals with her. Many thanks.

So this is my second last post of Babsgadsabout.

My last post will be my top 10 list , then I will be renaming and it will become a film, theatre, entertainment blog. So look out for Bitter Babs Blabs – In My Own Opinion.    Coming soon!


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  1. Wanda

    Welcome home from gadding. Can’t wait for Bitter Babs to get blabbing….

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