LA County Museum Of Art

ON Thursday I went to the LA County Museum Of Art, on Wilshire Blvd, the miracle mile.

It has a new (well to me, since the last time) section. The Broad contemporary at collection.  Modern big showcase exhibitions. It was stunning.

You couldn’t take pictures sadly, but I will remember my experience there forever.

Top floor had giant Warhol pieces, and large scale Jeff Koons, his inflatable balloon dog was divine, and a cracked anodised (or whatever he does) egg. And Michael Jackson and bubbles, and the locomotive train. It was heaven. The next floor had rooms full of artist John Baldessari, incredible exhibition called Pure Beauty. And the ground floor had 2 huge Richard Serra works which were breathtaking.

In the other part of the museum there was the wonderful Hockney painting, Mullholland Drive, Claus Oldenberg’s large scale snooker balls, and so much more.

It is such a good museum to visit. One of my favorites on this trip.

The building for the Broad collection was designed by Renzo Piano, here are a few snaps.


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