a boy’s gotta eat, good and bad

Some more of my culinary experiences. This time in LAThis is Mel’s diner on Sunset Blvd, I have eaten here every time I have been to LA, I love the building.

It has a fab interior

Meatloaf with gravy & scrambled eggs for brekky at Mel’s diner

Steak and eggs at Mel’s

My dear old friend Gwendoline took me to a restaurant she loves in the suburb of Glendale, she is a foodie, so she knows her spots, thank god

This is what I ate there. Herb crusted roast lamb with ratatouille and tepanade, it was one of the yummiest meals I have had in a restaurant anywhere. It tasted so homemade, like you would cook at home. Rare in a restaurant.

I also dined in the restaurant at the amazing Getty centre. I met a fellow Aussie boy called Bas,  he came to the Getty with me, he liked good food also. He’s a nice guy and it was good to share the Getty experience with somebody. Here is the food we ate there. My next post will be dedicated to the great architecture and garden of the Getty.


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4 responses to “a boy’s gotta eat, good and bad

  1. Wanda

    Nice. What’s the soup?

  2. it was a mushroom soup.

  3. where is the nice aussie boy?

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