give my regards to Broadway

It has been a few days since I last posted. Sadly this will be my last post from New York City. I have been gadabouting all around this great city for almost two weeks now. Time has certainly flown by, there is still so much to see and do here, but alas I must make my way home, with a stopover in Los Angeles on the way. So there will be quite a few more posts to come.

The last few days saw the 4th of July, America’s independence day come and go. Fireworks on the Hudson, which I watched from a television set. I couldn’t bear the thought of heading down to riverside with all those people, the Pride march filled my quota with crowds. There has been another heatwave, my second since arriving. It gets very hot and humid here, thank god for air conditioned stores , art galleries and subway trains.

Things I have done in the past few days.

Went to the Museum Of Modern Art, what an amazing collection, all the biggies are there of course

Took a stroll through Central park but it was too hot to last long.

Sadly I did not get to see Al Pacino in Merchant Of Venice, queuing for 8 hours didnt appeal in the end.

Last night I went to a gay bar called “Splash”. It is a huge space. They have a night called musical mondays. I unfortunately missed the Sondheim thing, due to a drama involving Visa cards. (it thankfully was solved). The musical mondays was a real trip. Basically it is full of gay men watching on giant screens and video monitors, endless clips from musicals, be it Tony award numbers, famous musicals etc.. Watching so called str8 acting looking men singing along to show tunes and acting out parts was bizarre. I of course knew all the songs too, I just didn’t mouth the words or dance around like a diva. I had a ball. I wish there was one in Melbourne to go to. Lots of show queens here in NYC.

Musical Monday at Splash – Day By day from Godspell the movie

Visited the MAD museum – Museum of Art & Design in Columbus Circle, it was a fantastic museum. There was an exhibition on modern baskets of all kinds, and interpretation that was sensational, and one called Dead Or Alive: Nature Becomes Art. Lots of amazing artworks and installations made out of natural materials – insects, feathers, bones etc….wonderful. I love this museum. I also had a lovely cobb salad in the restaurant it was very nice and tasty, and nice surrounds.

Basket at MADanother amazing basket

Look at this weird “basket” made from lotus pod tops and grapefruit skin.

A weird insect installation

My yummy cobb salad with fried poached eggsnice surrounds to eat in

Visited the Hearst Tower building, Designed by the great Norman Foster. All eco friendly, the first “green” office building  in NYC

Great water fountain in the lobby

Popped in to say  goodbye to Joan & Dominique , and hand back their gallery cards which they kindly let me use.

Popped my head in,(on Dominique’s advice) the Times building lobby, which features an art installation of tiny screens reporting news.

Went and revisited the High Line, but it was too hot to last long

And here are a few more random pics of things that took my fancy

And another American meal, roast chicken, corn bread and potato. Oh and a margharita of course

So farewell to this truly great city, I will be back very soon if I had my way.

See you in LA

By the way if you click on the image it will enlarge for you – enjoy



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5 responses to “give my regards to Broadway

  1. doris

    No wonder you’re stuffed- whaddaday!!

  2. good bye NYC, we had a ball!! x

  3. it was a lot of fun lets hope tinsel town is just as fun! x

  4. SWOON! I cant wait to visit the norman foster building when I go to NYC in November

  5. It is a fabulous building in a city full of fabulous buildings.

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