a dog and a delight

So it seems I am all showed out.

I am leaving on Wednesday morning, so it really only gives me Tuesday night to see one more show. I fear I cannot bring myself to see another standing ovation. I am off to the Unsung Sondheim open mike night, so I guess this counts as another show.

But here for you, are my final shows on Broadway.

A dog, and a real surprise.

First, the DOG


A revival of a play by Ken Ludwig. Why the fuck would you revive this tired old play? Shame on you Stanley Tucci. I loved your film Big Night. I hate your direction of this production. Stick to acting Stanley. The play was originally produced on Broadway in 1989, 21 years ago. It ran for 496 performances, so can be considered a hit. It is a farce, or it claims to be. For the third time in my life, I never came back after interval. I went and had a margharita. It was appalling. It has all the ingredients of a good farce, but the dialogue, the direction, the acting were all Z grade. Starring Tony Shalhoub (TV’s dreadful Monk), Aussie Anthony LaPaglia & a new Hollywood up and comer, Justin Bartha. All over acting, heavy on the physical gags, heavy on everything. Perhaps this is farce! But I have seen fa superior plays that claim to be farce. The set was all beige (the curtains weren’t hanging right, which bothered me, They wee used during the show, then I realised the stage manager hadn’t reset them) Appalling. I never got to see the standing ovation, because i left. Can’t tell you the plot, because I left. The margharita was lovely by the way.


A musical from last season. I was interested to see it because of the subject matter, the star, and I had heard the sets were good too.

And it won the Pulitzer prize for drama in 2010.

A musical about mental illness, a disfunctional family, a bipola rock musical one could say.

It was fantastic, riveting, very moving.  I am amazed it has lasted so long on Broadway, but the audience were over the moon, and yes they stood, but so did I.

The leading lady Alice Ripley, who won the Tony for her performance, was fantastic. I have to admit I was affected and I shed a few tears.

All the cast were great, the set was really simple, clever and absolutely perfect.

The plot concerns a housewife who has never gotten over the death of her 8 month old baby, triggering off a serious bi-polar disorder, Her son ( now 18, in her mind) appears to her, but nobody else, convincing her to stop taking meds, and to a suicide attempt. It is quite dark and edgy, wel,l fora Broadway show. Thank god my (possibly) last show was a triumph. By the way, not many hummable tunes, almost sung through. It was a really amazing show. Well deserved of all the attention. Someone smart might produce it in Australia. Have to wait and see.

So overall out of 9 productions, only 2 were hideous, so I not complain.



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3 responses to “a dog and a delight

  1. Wanda

    Ah, yes. Have read about Next To Normal. Sounds very very interesting… I hope someone here will pick it up. Looking forward to hearing about the Unsung Sondheim experience.

  2. Scheppo

    You are HILARIOUS!

  3. I am really sad you are leaving, am enjoying your daily musings, blimey, it has gone so quickly I can’t believe it.
    BTW- I hope you have had time for some new fashions in NY (remember this place is a desert)

    what you got planned for LA? xx

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