out and about

I haven’t been posting properly because i have been gadding about.

Visited Brooklyn (a short visit) to catch up with my friend Chris. He wanted to go to Chelsea to visit the gallery that represents him. We took in a few more galleries. They are quite amazing, some are huge. We chanced upon an exhibition of Roy Lichtenstein still lives from the 70’s-80’s. Was extraordinary, so many of them.

Took a walk along the High Line. An amazing elevated park on an old railway line. Great surrounding achitecture. Gehry, Renzo Piano.

Will go back there to take more pics.

On the street in Brooklyn

The HighlineMore Highline

A park bench on the HighlineThe Frank Gehry building

A carpark next to the Highline, adds to the urban scape

The same architects who designed the Highline also designed the new stuff at the Lincoln centre.

The Lincoln centre is fantastic, I could spend a lot of time here. I went to see the musical revival of South Pacific. It was a terrific production directed by Bartlett Sher. Unfortunately it is 2 years old and not the original cast. Although the two leads were very good, it just lacked energy.

I love the Lincoln Centre fountain, one of the best in the world.

I have seen 6 productions so far, I will post a special on them soon.


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2 responses to “out and about

  1. Wanda

    Gadding about is to be encouraged. Especially in what looks to be splendid weather. (You’ll get none of that here at home.) Looking forward to your special post on all the shows. How was Ms Chenoweth?

    • Ms Chenonweth was fantastic, I love her, I love divas. The weather has been fabulous, but some days have been too hot, heating up again for my last few days.

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