Australian Idiot

Well it had to happen. Babs saw his first bad musical.

After a lovely relaxing day gadabouting in Brooklyn & Chelsea with my friend Chris, I decided to go to the TKTS booth and get a cheap ticket. That’s if you call $67 cheap!. I didn’t realise that some of the shows start at 7pm on a Tuesday night.  I wanted to go see the acclaimed Lincoln Centre production of “South Pacific”, but it started at 7 and it was 6.45. I decided the best of the 8pm starters was the new musical (half ticketed already) “American Idiot”. Mainly because it just won the Tony award for scenic & lighting design. It was a dud show. Based on the album by US punk band Greenday (who? I hear you say…well exactly!) It is supposed to be this years Rent or Spring Awakening. It is one of those loud troubled youth stories, full of junkies and misfits etc. The problem is that there was scant storyline and nobody to give a shit about . The ensemble tried to infuse the show with energy, and the leading actor, John Gallagher Jr. (Tony award for Spring Awakening) was impressive. The sets and lighting were showy but hardly inspired.  And it was loud so you could hardly hear what was being sung. It didn’t impress me at all. But the dumb ass audience gave it another fucking standing ovation. I think the audiences here in NYC feel they have to like the shows they see cos they have forked out the big bucks.


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2 responses to “Australian Idiot

  1. Gary Hillberg

    Fabulous Blog . I agree ….GREENDAY!!!!! Were they ever some kind of HUGE band ? Fabby blog, if a little G rated !
    Off to see I AM LOVE TONIGHT . Fingers crossed.

  2. Wanda

    Poor Babs! Nothing worse than that feeling of paying for and then giving up a couple of hours of one’s life to something so disappointing. You was robbed!

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