NY Gay Pride March 2010

So I headed off to watch the Gay Pride march here in NYC. It was a huge event, made Sydney Mardi Gras look like a picnic.

It was so hot and humid, and very crowded but I enjoyed it. It is far more political in tone than Mardi Gras, but a lot less glitzy.

I was very moved to see Judy Shepherd as the Grand Marshall, she is the mother of Matthew Shepherd, the young boy who was brutally murdered in Laramie Texas, the victim of a gay hate crime. Both of Matthew’s parents were in the car, and I shed a tear for Matthew. His story has always had a deep effect on me.

Afterwards the West Village was packed with proud gay men and women and their friends.

Gay cheerleadersRandy Blue porn stars, get it on

Isn’t she lovely?Matthew Shepherd’s parents 😦

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One response to “NY Gay Pride March 2010

  1. Emily

    I look forward to your blog EVERY DAY! What a great idea Glen. Loving your little pad – someone was either moving in or moving out last night of the flats – not sure which one though.
    Ange is in the office with me getting very excited about NYC – wish I was coming too! Take a bite from the Big Apple for me. Lot’s of love, Em x

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