Fifth Avenue & finally a decent meal and great coffee.

Today i was feeling very lazy and decided not to do too much at all. But of course I walked a hundred miles.

Caught the subway down to the East village/Soho. Lots of great little interesting shops. I also scored my first decent meal so far. Recommended by Sandra, Alexandra & Emma. Cafe Gitane on Mott Street. A funky fabulously decorated European style cafe. I was in heaven whenI tasted the coffee, just like home. It had a real buzz and the staff were real friendly.

Cafe Gitane on Mott St
Baked pasta with gorgonzola & roasted tomatoes, very yummy

Then I walked all the way up 5th avenue to Central Park, a long walk but loads to look at.

Took a few snaps on the way

Chess players in Bryant Park
The Empire State Building

Fifth Avenue has all the big name shops, it is a shopaholic’s mecca. Very “Sex & The City”.

The Abercrombie & Fitch store is outrageous. You are greeted by gorgeous young shirtless boys with six packs and great pecs. The store is like a nightclub, highly decorated, light up stairs, and loud pumping dance music. All the staff look like models and are seriously hot. Well if you like that kind of look, i don’t mind it :). It is all a bit too much, but a lot of fun, the clothes aren’t that great, highly unoriginal, but the marketing is so clever. 

And here is Abercrombie & Fitch

I am off to visit Brooklyn tomorrow.


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5 responses to “Fifth Avenue & finally a decent meal and great coffee.

  1. Sylvia

    Abercrombie & Fitch always makes me laugh. You’d never know they sold clothes cause they rarely show them in their ads.

  2. Scheppo

    Oh yeah, it’s REALLY hard to find good coffee in NY. But maybe that’s because I drink soy milk. Glad you liked Cafe Gitane. You must go to the diner I recommended in Williamburg, and that other little brunch cafe. I think it’s Argentinian. Caracas on grand near havemyer in williamsburg. x

  3. Stu

    you, mister, are eating WAY TOO MUCH junk food. I wanna see some fresh vegies and salad pix, and soon, and some pix of you would be cool as well.

    safe travels. xo

  4. doris

    Bergdorf Goodman always have the best windows- they are a very old-world store, but their display department are way out there.

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