I think I might go see a show

Day 2 in NYC.

As you might well know, Babs loves a show.

Today I decided to go to TKTS booth and get a matinee ticket for the acclaimed revival of Hair, it closes Sunday. Actually it is a weekend of closures. Sondheim, Red, and Hair. I got to see all 3. And they were all brilliant productions. All three had huge standing ovations, I think that is kind of normal here in New York.

I will give full reviews of the shows soon, these blogs take up a little bit of time.

Some reflections of New York Theatre.

1. Listening to the crowd at the TKTS booth is a hoot. 2 middle aged ladies from the midwest were behind me. They couldn’t decide what show to see. One of them demanded it be a musical, she liked musicals. They commented on a few of the huge billboads advetising the shows in Times Square. They couldnt remember what shows they had seen last time they were here. I wish I had recorded their conversation.

2. The autograph fans who hang out at the stage door. They are avid fans, with pens in hand.

3. Will I ever see a show that doesn’t get a standing ovation?

Alfred Molina signing for fans after a performance of “Red”

Eddie Redmayne signing for fans at “Red” , he won a Tony for his brilliant performance

So on my second day it was theatre. Matinee of Hair, evening performance of Red.  With a little bit of sight seeing and shopping.The beautiful Radio City Music Hall.

Oh and I mustn’t forget some food . I ate breakfast at a diner recommended by my doorman.

I promise Luc that I will try for the gourmet today.
I am off to the NY Gay Pride march today, so I should have some interesting pics next post.



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8 responses to “I think I might go see a show

  1. Wanda

    You must try to eat some real food at some stage, Babs. Otherwise you will find yourself falling asleep in the middle of one of your many shows!

  2. Anna

    Don’t forget to go to Katz’s so you can have what she was having!
    Get pickles.

  3. anyway what’s the Babs thing? please explain, Streisand , Stanwyck,
    Cartland, Bush, Hutton??!! your breakfast looks pretty hefty was it good? plenty carbs to keep you going. xx

  4. isn’t eddie lovely? I worked with him a few years back he was a very sweet boy. slightly posh.

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