Slow down you move too fast…

On my first full day in New York all I did was walk, and walk and walk some more. I caught the subway back home though.

I decide to go take a look at all the theatre awnings, I remember the first (an only) time I saw them back in 1989, I love them. Then I wandered into the meat packing district, in search of a cafe recommended by Jane, it opened at 12 and it was only 11, so onward I tread.

Down through Chelsea and into the West Village. All are great areas to be in. I realised that I hadn’t eaten and it was 2pm, so i wandered into a diner and ate a meatball sandwich thing with fries covered in cheese. It was awful! The menus here  make you curious to try things you would never eat. I must remember to be more careful.

The dreaded meatball sandwich

A video screen in Times square , you can see me top centre taking a pic of myself

Bumping in the new Julie Taymor, Bono , “Spiderman” musical.

A few random pics.

I had a great first day, but I need to slow down, do less walking, I am here for another 12 days.

Coming soon: My first theatre review “Sondheim On Sondheim”.


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4 responses to “Slow down you move too fast…

  1. wandalusst

    That meatball sandwich and cheese-covered fries dish hits new heights in horrible!!!

  2. doris

    Pace yourself there Babs! We want you back in one piece!
    Can’t wait to read yr Sondheim review….

  3. the food thing can be hard for us fussy foodies, can’t it? need to plan the day around the food stop poss? it is a beautiful clear sunny winter day here in melbs but wish I was in NY too! x

  4. Scheppo

    I love it!!

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