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Australian Idiot

Well it had to happen. Babs saw his first bad musical.

After a lovely relaxing day gadabouting in Brooklyn & Chelsea with my friend Chris, I decided to go to the TKTS booth and get a cheap ticket. That’s if you call $67 cheap!. I didn’t realise that some of the shows start at 7pm on a Tuesday night.  I wanted to go see the acclaimed Lincoln Centre production of “South Pacific”, but it started at 7 and it was 6.45. I decided the best of the 8pm starters was the new musical (half ticketed already) “American Idiot”. Mainly because it just won the Tony award for scenic & lighting design. It was a dud show. Based on the album by US punk band Greenday (who? I hear you say…well exactly!) It is supposed to be this years Rent or Spring Awakening. It is one of those loud troubled youth stories, full of junkies and misfits etc. The problem is that there was scant storyline and nobody to give a shit about . The ensemble tried to infuse the show with energy, and the leading actor, John Gallagher Jr. (Tony award for Spring Awakening) was impressive. The sets and lighting were showy but hardly inspired.  And it was loud so you could hardly hear what was being sung. It didn’t impress me at all. But the dumb ass audience gave it another fucking standing ovation. I think the audiences here in NYC feel they have to like the shows they see cos they have forked out the big bucks.


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Fifth Avenue & finally a decent meal and great coffee.

Today i was feeling very lazy and decided not to do too much at all. But of course I walked a hundred miles.

Caught the subway down to the East village/Soho. Lots of great little interesting shops. I also scored my first decent meal so far. Recommended by Sandra, Alexandra & Emma. Cafe Gitane on Mott Street. A funky fabulously decorated European style cafe. I was in heaven whenI tasted the coffee, just like home. It had a real buzz and the staff were real friendly.

Cafe Gitane on Mott St
Baked pasta with gorgonzola & roasted tomatoes, very yummy

Then I walked all the way up 5th avenue to Central Park, a long walk but loads to look at.

Took a few snaps on the way

Chess players in Bryant Park
The Empire State Building

Fifth Avenue has all the big name shops, it is a shopaholic’s mecca. Very “Sex & The City”.

The Abercrombie & Fitch store is outrageous. You are greeted by gorgeous young shirtless boys with six packs and great pecs. The store is like a nightclub, highly decorated, light up stairs, and loud pumping dance music. All the staff look like models and are seriously hot. Well if you like that kind of look, i don’t mind it :). It is all a bit too much, but a lot of fun, the clothes aren’t that great, highly unoriginal, but the marketing is so clever. 

And here is Abercrombie & Fitch

I am off to visit Brooklyn tomorrow.


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Anyone for pig’s toes??


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NY Gay Pride March 2010

So I headed off to watch the Gay Pride march here in NYC. It was a huge event, made Sydney Mardi Gras look like a picnic.

It was so hot and humid, and very crowded but I enjoyed it. It is far more political in tone than Mardi Gras, but a lot less glitzy.

I was very moved to see Judy Shepherd as the Grand Marshall, she is the mother of Matthew Shepherd, the young boy who was brutally murdered in Laramie Texas, the victim of a gay hate crime. Both of Matthew’s parents were in the car, and I shed a tear for Matthew. His story has always had a deep effect on me.

Afterwards the West Village was packed with proud gay men and women and their friends.

Gay cheerleadersRandy Blue porn stars, get it on

Isn’t she lovely?Matthew Shepherd’s parents 😦

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I think I might go see a show

Day 2 in NYC.

As you might well know, Babs loves a show.

Today I decided to go to TKTS booth and get a matinee ticket for the acclaimed revival of Hair, it closes Sunday. Actually it is a weekend of closures. Sondheim, Red, and Hair. I got to see all 3. And they were all brilliant productions. All three had huge standing ovations, I think that is kind of normal here in New York.

I will give full reviews of the shows soon, these blogs take up a little bit of time.

Some reflections of New York Theatre.

1. Listening to the crowd at the TKTS booth is a hoot. 2 middle aged ladies from the midwest were behind me. They couldn’t decide what show to see. One of them demanded it be a musical, she liked musicals. They commented on a few of the huge billboads advetising the shows in Times Square. They couldnt remember what shows they had seen last time they were here. I wish I had recorded their conversation.

2. The autograph fans who hang out at the stage door. They are avid fans, with pens in hand.

3. Will I ever see a show that doesn’t get a standing ovation?

Alfred Molina signing for fans after a performance of “Red”

Eddie Redmayne signing for fans at “Red” , he won a Tony for his brilliant performance

So on my second day it was theatre. Matinee of Hair, evening performance of Red.  With a little bit of sight seeing and shopping.The beautiful Radio City Music Hall.

Oh and I mustn’t forget some food . I ate breakfast at a diner recommended by my doorman.

I promise Luc that I will try for the gourmet today.
I am off to the NY Gay Pride march today, so I should have some interesting pics next post.


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Slow down you move too fast…

On my first full day in New York all I did was walk, and walk and walk some more. I caught the subway back home though.

I decide to go take a look at all the theatre awnings, I remember the first (an only) time I saw them back in 1989, I love them. Then I wandered into the meat packing district, in search of a cafe recommended by Jane, it opened at 12 and it was only 11, so onward I tread.

Down through Chelsea and into the West Village. All are great areas to be in. I realised that I hadn’t eaten and it was 2pm, so i wandered into a diner and ate a meatball sandwich thing with fries covered in cheese. It was awful! The menus here  make you curious to try things you would never eat. I must remember to be more careful.

The dreaded meatball sandwich

A video screen in Times square , you can see me top centre taking a pic of myself

Bumping in the new Julie Taymor, Bono , “Spiderman” musical.

A few random pics.

I had a great first day, but I need to slow down, do less walking, I am here for another 12 days.

Coming soon: My first theatre review “Sondheim On Sondheim”.


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On my way to The Broadway

After leaving on a jet plane, I had a stopover at LA International airport, where the big jet engines roar!


A typically bad Qantas airline meal, wine was good.The only film I watched on flight, the new Roman Polanski film “The Ghost Writer”, a very disappointing, dull movie. Silly unbelievable pointless plot. 2.5/5*A couple of lovely cloud shots flying into New York

My first meal in NYC at EJ’s Diner, on corner of my street. I was jet lagged and needed to eat before sleep.

So that’s it for my first post in the big apple. I promise more interesting stories and pics to come.

love Babs


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Get me outta here!

It is another 18 hours before the plane departs for NYC via LAX. I am over the wait now, bags are packed, I’m ready to go…….leaving on a jet plane.

In anticipation for the long flight I have prepared myself.A little light reading
and some dolls


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A sneak peek

Here are a few images of the shows I have booked on “The Broadway”.John Logan’s Tony award winning play “Red”, about artist Mark Rothko and the painting of the Seagram murals.A multi media documentary musical all about the genius composer, Stephen Sondheim Kristin Chenoweth (April on Glee) in “Promises, Promises” – I am a huge fan, so excited.

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testing, testing – une, deux, trois, quatre

giving it a go, not sure of the format, to blog or not to blog???my last trip to LA – 1991, THE DIVINE EDY WILLIAMS


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